Short-Term Success Story

Woodridge Nursing and Rehab admitted Miguel G. following a left hip fracture. Prior to his hip fracture, he was able to perform transfers and gait without AD with modified independence due to health issues. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists worked to evaluated Miguel G.

They each developed individualized care plans to target his limitations. When Miguel arrived at Woodridge Nursing and Rehab, he was completely dependent and required assistance even to complete his normal daily activities. Miguel G. was always very eager to participate in therapy every day to get better faster to get back to dancing.

Miguel G. along with the support of a great nursing and therapy staff has improved in his endurance and strength while performing functional mobility and gait with increased awareness of environmental hazards. Miguel discharged home with great family support making significant gains towards all set goals, and was able to ambulate out the nursing facility with no assistance needed.

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